Wow! Itís been quite a while since we published the last issue...

Well we have been in the surf magazine business for almost five years, in one form or another. Our goal has always been to inform, inspire and mostly entertain other surfers. By enlarge I think we have succeeded so far (judging from the many positive comments made by readers).

In the process of creating a 'surf mag' we also wanted to ensure that we, the staff, were having fun. As time has progressed so to has the magazine -- from a small, local 'newsletter' style, to a national, colour format and now entirely on the internet. In the process we have learned a lot of things, the biggest being that running a magazine is a lot of work and not the party we romanticized. Weíre not complaining, but hey we are surfers first and when it comes to choosing between deadlines, meetings and work in general and a sucking left peak... well the choice is obvious. Also, to be perfectly honest the magazine doesnít make any money. Not that reaping profits off the backs of other surfers was our goal, but there has been so much red ink in the past that our accountant cries every time he sees us.

What does this mean to you, our reader?

  • Well we are doing away with the structure of set quarterly issues. Too much pressure and if the surf is going off, or some of us are heading on a trip to Indo, the last thing we want to worry about is a deadline. Donít forget we are the quintessential surf bums.
  • Also we are making the sweeping disclaimer that we will not be answering the majority of email that comes in. We just donít have time to answer everything -- sorry! Itís not that we donít want to hear from you, itís just that giving a response to every note is too cumbersome (again remember -- surf bums). Correspondingly, there will not be a "letters to the editor" section.
Other than that we will try to do as good a job as we can (when we arenít charging it that is). Hope you enjoy the mag...


PS Please keep sending any surf photos and stories that you would like to donate. (The photo below was sent in by a reader.)

Jens Kalwa
Photo: ?? (Pacific)

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