In the fall of 1992 Canada's first surf magazine, Island Swell, hit the shelves. This quaterly, high quality mag' -- printed on recycled paper and selling at the outrageously low price of $2.00 -- reflected the essence of the West Coast Surfer. Containing a balanced mix of information, inspiration, and entertainment, each issue experienced greater sales and enthusiasm; and our firm commitment to continuous quality improvements ensured that each new issue surpassed the previous in terms of print, photographs, and content. Our local mag' may have lacked some of the glamour of its glossy counterparts, but its focus on local surfing made it a staple for every surfer around.

Northern Swell looks at surf all over Canada and the World, with articles discussing surf-related themes: travel, equipment, environmental commentary, music reviews, medicine, and international stories. Not to be forgotten are all the great surf photographs getting our readers stoked.

Since our humble beginings, we've seen increased readership (both in subscriptions and retail sales), improved quality, and growing entusiasm in the surfing community. With these things in mind, we've continuously looked at ways to improve the magazine and better meet the needs of our readers. After loads of research, meetings, and casual discussions out in the break, we've found a way to do it.

Northern Swell has moved to the internet!

As an on-line magazine Northern Swell will provide not only its usual fare of surf related content and great surf photos (now all in FULL COLOUR), but we will also link to other important surf resources, including up-to-date reports on tidal and weather conditions, ASP results, Surfrider info, and a variety of other surf topics. Not only will the mag be "environmentally friendly" with no paper or packaging used, but Northern Swell will also be free of charge.

We're stoked to make this your

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